Monday, February 06, 2006

In the Deep Freeze

A friend and fellow blogger Ms. Curious recently wrote about a World War II airman whose body was found well-preserved frozen in the bottom of a glacier in the Sierra Nevadas. This sparked a conversation between us about people who are paying large sums of money to be frozen so they can be "awaken" 100 years or so from now.

But these aren't people who are on the verge of death. No, these are rich, middle-aged, fairly healthy people who have set up a time (near death) to be frozen. They want to see what the future will offer them 80-100 years from now; believing that they will be able to get, through cloning, a new, better body once they awake. I remember hearing about this phenomenon on the Laura Ingram Show.

Now Ms. Curious and I are both, how do I put this nicely, skeptical about this whole cryogenics thing. In fact, I told her that these people have a whole lot more money than they do brains. I gathered from the story she posted, that the airman who was frozen for 64 years ain't comin' back.

Another friend, Tonya, starts a great article on her blog with, "When I die, I hope God reincarnates me into a Robot." Well, according to this, some have even paid in advance to have just their heads frozen in hope of garnering a new robot body in the future. Again, A LOT more money than brains.

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