Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Oscars

The Academy Awards nominations were announced yesterday and, once again, Hollywood found a way to pat intself on the back for nominating the most provocative films it could. For a list of the nominations and a their "hot-button topics " see here.

What's even more interesting is that none of the films nominated for Best Actor, Actress, and Picture have grossed over $55 million dollar (see here). In fact, the average take-in for the five Best Picture nominees is about $38 million. That means very few people have actually gone to see these films. Why? They're agenda films and middle America isn't big on agenda films. USA Today says, "Take your pick: rights of gay and transgender people (Brokeback Mountain, Transamerica), racism (Crash), big oil and government (Syriana) and terrorism (Munich)." Not exactly a list of great date movies.

So why does Hollywood reward these "message movies" with such critical acclaim? I have my thoughts on this (which are pretty eveident in the thread). What are yours?

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