Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pop-Tart Mentality

Whatever happened to good old fashioned American resolve? Did it disappear with the advent of MTV and fast-paced video games? Or did it start sooner? Next month will mark the third anniverasry of the Iraq war and for about two and a half years we've heard calls to get out because it becoming a "quagmire." That's a nice Vietnam-era word for "not going very well." It even took us 10 years to lose our nerve in that war.

I remember watching a Sunday morning show, This Week with George Stephanopoulos, where the host asked Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld 9 days after the war started why we were getting "bogged down" there. Bogged down nine days into a war? Are you kidding me?

It took the U.S. 4 years to win World War II. In the aftermath, it took coalition forces in Germany more than 5 years to democratise that country with lots of violence, from insurgents called Werewolves, in between. It took nearly 7 years to democratise Japan eventhough American forces controlled the entire country. But, we persisted and today both countries are successful, productive, and friendly democratic societies.

So what's happened to our persistence? Why do some Americans seem to want to see wars wrapped up and done in the time it takes to make a pop tart?

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