Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Super Bowl Blues

I'm a little depressed tonight. The Pittsburgh Steelers won their first Super Bowl since 1980 and with it, my perfect 8 - 0 Super Bowl prediction record dies. I had picked the Seattle Seahawks to win the game and had not missed a pick since Super Bowl XXXII .

The worse part of losing my perfect record was knowing that Seattle did more to beat themselves than Pittsburgh did to beat them. There were bad calls, bad plays, and poor coaching, all to the Seahawks' detriment.

But Pittsburgh played well and they are the new champions. Congratulations to the coach and team. The long Super Bowl drought in over!

Update: For those of you like me for whom Pro Football isn't just a game, but an emotional experience, have you ever noticed how depressing the end of the Super Bowl is? Even when your team wins? It's a LONG way until August my friends.

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