Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Whatever Happened To "Uncle Tom?"

I spoke to a friend tonight who told me he heard on a reality TV show the term "Condi" used as a pejorative. I'm paraphasing here, but he heard one young Black man say to another young man who agreed with the NSA Terrorist Surveilance Program, "Yeah, okay Condi."

And that got me thinking: When did being Black stop being about race and start being about political opinions? It appears that Black people who have a political view that doesn't include thinking all Republicans are racists and all Blacks are down-trodden aren't really Black.

Now, I've been Black all my life. Really. Ask my mother. She'll vouch for me. But, I don't subscribe to the "African-American" liberal doctrine. That apparently makes me a "Tom" or a "Condi" to some in my community. I didn't realize I had to believe in a certain political doctrine to be certified as "authentically Black." I guess that means anybody who hates George W. Bush, tax cuts, national defense, and fighting terrorists can be "African-American." Wow! There are A LOT more of them than I thought! Well, they can keep being African-American as long as I can keep being Black.

Ya know, Chris Rock had a point when he said, "Who's more racist? Black people or white people? Black people are... because Black people hate Black people, too."

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