Monday, March 27, 2006

It's Time for Some Tough Love on Immigration

Today on TV, I watched high school and college students protest the "right" of illegal aliens to remain in this country. They were cutting class to show the solidarity to the illegals. They attempted to disrupt traffic and cause a little mayhem during their "peaceful protests."

Now, as a parent, if my child ever did something like this, showing an absolute disrespect and ignorance for our country, I would make sure that was the LAST time he or she ever did anything like that.

If I were the principle of the high schools where these teens came from, I would make them all do detention on Saturdays for the next two weeks. Talk about ungrateful little jerks!

I, for one, am amazed that thousands of illegals had the audacity to protest openly for these so-called rights they want. And to do it while waving Mexican flags was so incredibly sickening I had to stop watching.

It's time our government grew a pair and put illegals, and those who support them on notice. YOU DO NOT HAVE A "RIGHT" TO BE IN THIS COUNTRY WITHOUT PERMISSION! It's time we build a fence on the border, place national guard troops there, and tell those here legally they have a limited time to register as foreign workers, pay a fine, and get in the back of the citizenship line. It's also long past time for us to put Mexico on notice that we will no longer tolerate their assistance to illegals on how to avoid our laws.

It's time for some tough love. Unfortunately, I don't see any prominent American politicians with the guts to make those moves.

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