Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Katrina Craziness Continues

It appears there's a video of President Bush being briefed on how bad Katrina could get. Is that news somehow? I'm sure he spoke to his advisers before the storm hit the Gulf and was told things could get pretty bad. But, for some reason, the news media is releasing this information as though it's brand new news. I'm not sure why it would be. We already know the federal response was no where near where it should have been.

But, we also know that the city and state responses were, in a word, PATHETIC. Mayor Ray "chocolate city" Nagin and Gov. Kathleen "the levees were not breached" Blanco are exhibits A and B of absolute cluelessness at the local and state level. They both had warnings five days before Katrina hit that the storm was headed their way. They did nothing. They were advised, by the federal government, to initiate mandatory evacuations 48 hours BEFORE landfall. They didn't do so until 19 hours before. Not to mention Mayor Nagin had 1000 buses available to use for transport and did not use them. He also instructed people to go to the Superdome, but provided no food, water, or other amenities for the thousands of people who went there.

I suppose, based on the media reporting, President Bush should have stopped this from happening. But he's only the president. He's not a mayor or governor who should have been the first responders to this disaster.

The federal response to Katrina was absolutely inadequate. But the state and local response bordered on incompetence almost to the point of criminal negligence.

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