Sunday, March 26, 2006

"Shoot the Messenger"...PLEASE!!

Since the firestorm, started by Laura Ingraham, about the media's obvious bias against the Iraq war. A majority of the drive-by media (DBM), interestingly enough, has stared a new meme to defend themselves. Their "don't shoot the messenger" line is meant to defend them against attacks about their Iraq coverage and it's insistently negative tone.

But, this is a rather lame excuse for bad reporting. In fact, even Don Imus, talking to NBC reporter Richard Engel (reporting from Iraq) asked "Why don't we ever hear about anything good coming out of there?" Engel's answer was that they did report on last year's free elections and Saddam statue falling. That's the best, most recent reference he could come up with? Of course you have to cover those stories! Like I said before, LAME.

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