Monday, April 17, 2006

How to Stop Illegal Immigration - Fear

Tax Day has proved ONE thing to me beyond the shadow of a doubt: illegal immigration CAN be significantly reduced through fear.

If you've ever watched (or been a part of) the streams of people who rush to post offices around the country on Tax Day to make sure their returns are properly postmarked in time to avoid monetary penalties, you know fear works.

The Senate should be prepared to come back from recess and introduce an illegal immigration bill that: requires the construction of a border security fence, any illegal caught at or near the border will be sent back immediately, requires employers who hire illegals to cease and desist these practices or face HUGE penalties and possible jail time, and suppress tax payer funded services to illegals.

We can worry about how to handle the illegals already here AFTER we do these things FIRST. Like I said, fear is a great motivator, so call your senators and strike some fear into them.

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