Sunday, April 30, 2006

You MUST See United 93

United 93 opened this weekend in second place making 11.6 million dollars. It was beat out only by the new Robin Williams film RV which made 16.4 million . But the most interesting thing about those number is this: reports that, "Playing in 1,795 theaters, about half as many as "RV," "United 93" averaged a solid $6,462 a cinema, the best results among the top-10 movies. "

United 93 is a MUST SEE movie. I saw it yesterday with my girlfriend. She cried from the moment the Twin Towers were hit until the end. It's a very intense film to watch. You feel like you're on the plane with those heroes. You feel their fear and their anger at the terrorists. And you'll applaud their courage in the face of certain death. I found myself wiping tears from my eyes at the end, too.

Please, go see the movie. Support the funding for the Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania. Support the families of these ordinary people who became extraordinary heroes. And NEVER forget.

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