Saturday, May 27, 2006

DJ Is Right

DJ Drummond, formerly of Polipundit and now blogger extraordinaire of Stolen Thunder, makes a clarification on his views toward the illegals issue. Here's an excerpt:

I want to be clear, that I do not support the Senate bill. The Senate’s bill seems to me to be no better than a hodge-podge of compromises, the worst kind where no one gets what is really needed, and all sorts of special-interest groups are able to grab from the cookie jar. I greatly prefer the House bill, especially since the House seems to much better understand that the issue must be broken up into its component parts to be properly addressed. (emphasis added)

DJ has been improperly vilified by commenters and some fellow bloggers as being soft on this issue. This is wrong and should be stopped. He is right on the mark, not only about the issue, but how we should frame this debate.

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