Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I Graduated from College Today

I'm sorry for the fairly light posts the past few days but I have a good reason. After years of procrastination, I FINALLY graduated from college today!

The commencement was at the Austin, TX campus of Park University (formerly Park College) and it was great! The Outstanding Student, Amy Gross, gave a moving account of her move to America from South Korea, being adopted by American parents, and the life lessons about success and trying your best that they taught her. It was a great speech.

My brother even flew out from San Diego to be a part of the celebration. It was awesome having him there because it was such a full circle moment. You see, I was by his side when he graduated from high school years ago. We both lived in England at the time (I took care of him for a while), so our mother and sister weren't able to make it. Now, because of Mom's cancer treatments and Sis's nursing schedule (she's an RN), they were unable to make this event, though I know they wanted to. So, once again, he and I got to share in a family accomplishment together. It really lifted my spirits.

So, if you would, please forgive me for the light postings. I am a happy man today! I've accomplished something that should've been done years ago and graduated Cum Laude to boot! It feels good to reach a goal after having worked so hard for it.

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