Monday, May 22, 2006

John McCain Is NOT the Answer

Senator John McCain should never be allowed to become President. He's made one bad decision after another and doesn't seem to be on a path to change.

First there was Campaign Finance Reform, which put certain restrictions on political speech 30 days before an election. Then, there was the "Gang of 14" deal he struck, behind Majority Leader Bill Frist back, that allowed Democrats to keep the use of filibusters for judicial nominees on the table. Even though the practice was about to be ended by the full Senate.

What's his latest stupid pet trick? He actually voted against an amendment to the Senate immigration bill that would keep illegals from being eligible for Social Security benefits accrued while illegal. The vote was 50-49.

In the Republican primary of 2008, no matter what the question is, McCain IS NOT the answer.

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