Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lorie Byrd Has Left Polipundit.com

Lorie Byrd, a beautiful and eloquent guest blogger for Polipundit.com, has left that site over a dispute she and other guest bloggers were having with the site's editor, Polipundit, on the issue of illegal immigration.

This is a sad spectacle because Polipundit.com, more than any other blog (and there are many), is the site I visited regularly. It's especially sad because it was over a single issue: Immigration.

I respect and understand Polipundit's tough-love view on the issue. And, although his constant refrains of the president as "El Presidente Arbusto" became a bit tiresome, he (as a LEGAL immigrant) has a right to his opinions and editorial control of his website. Although, posters to the site can be disrespectful of his views at times, none of the guest bloggers should hold this type of contempt toward the editor. And, for the most part, none did.

Immigration is an issue that invokes deep emotion on both sides. But, guest bloggers to Polipundit and other blogs opinions should be just as respected as the editors views. And the editorial page, it it seeks to continue being successful, should refrain from school yard antics.

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