Wednesday, May 17, 2006

An Open Letter to Polipundit

Poli -

I think I understand what happened between you, AKM, Jayson, DJ, and Lorie on the immigration issue.

Like everyone else who reads your blog, I know how strongly you feel about this issue. You're a LEGAL immigrant and patriot who loves this country. I can appreciate your resolve and passion. But, this isn't the first time your guest bloggers have disagreed with you (remember Harriet Miers?) on a particular subject. So, I don't think it was there disagreement that caused a problem per se.

I think it was the WAY in which the disagreements were publicly aired. One guest blogger suggested you were being consumed by this issue and your take on it. By the way, I agree with that person. Another questioned your near hysterical tone (again, I concur). Still another blogger suggested that if anyone believed the President's immigration plan was amnesty "then you are either a moron or a liar." Not quite what I would've said, but this issue does evoke emotion.

Although I defend these bloggers' right to speak their minds, the overly negative tone of your disagreements in such a public manner (this includes you, Poli) was not helpful. And your personal email to your group bloggers allegedly saying, "From now on, every blogger at will either agree with me completely on the immigration issue, or not blog at" was unnecessary, immature, and heavy-handed.

Poli, before this breakup, I loved your site. Really. It was the FIRST blog I went to every morning to get news, information, and opinion. It worked so well because the guest bloggers offered different perspectives (and writing styles) on a variety of issues. They, and you, are talented, intelligent writers. This made your blog an interesting and entertaining read.

What's happening now is very sad to me. Fix this problem, Poli. Don't let pride destroy what it took you years to build.

It also wouldn't hurt (to further your point) to drop the "El Presidente Arbusto" and the "Bush is a liar" quips as well. Leave that kind of stuff to the Comments section of your blog. It's beneath you.

Thanks for listening.

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