Monday, May 15, 2006

The Speech

President Bush's speech on immigration left me a bit luke warm. I liked the talk about "high-tech fences and vehicle barriers" in conjunction with the use of the National Guard to provide logistical support to the Border Patrol. It's not practical or necessary to have a 2,000 mile fence along the border. A combination of actual fencing and barriers in some areas, virtual fencing and patrols in others would be the best option.

But the second half of the speech I could have done without. All the happy peace and love "let's all get along" crap about hard working illegals who've been here a long time and deserve a shot at citizenship left me a bit cold.

It's not that I completely disagree that people who've been here for a while need to be dealt with. They do. But, can't we at least try the enforcement/crackdown on employers part FIRST?

I think the President (and the Senate) would be far better off if they stopped insisting on a "comprehensive solution" and spoke more about enforcement first, followed by a regularization process. But, ENFORCEMENT FIRST is the key. That's what most people want. The sooner President Bush and Congress figure this out, the better off their future electoral prospects will be.

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