Thursday, May 18, 2006

To All Conservatives - Let's Chill

The illegal immigration issue is causing some rifts with the conservative moment that I find troubling and it time for us to remember we're ALL on the same team. From the "Throw the bums out" to the "President Bush knows what he's doing" factions, we all want to stem the tide of illegals flooding our borders. So, in the immortal words of the R&B singer, Guy, "Let's chill, let's settle down."

This issue is causing unnecessary animosity in the conservative moment. It's effect on the blogosphere has been profound., was one of my favorite blogs largely because of the format of group bloggers with a variety of writing styles and perspectives on issues. They didn't always agree with each other on specific subjects. In fact, they often covered different issues from each other. That made for interesting reading. But they all agreed that we were on the same team trying to support conservative policies and ideals that would help the country. At least they used to.

Sadly this issue, illegal immigration and how best to handle it, caused such a divergence on viewpoints that it split up the group. Several of the guest bloggers now operate their own separate websites. Lorie Byrd, the darling of the group and DJ Drummond, the intellectual both run very good, well written blogs of there own now. Hopefully, Jayson Javitz and Alexander K. McClure will either join the ladies or start their own as well.

Whatever happens, the ONE thing we all need to remember is that we all want a significant decrease/cessation of illegals entering this country. We may not all agree 100% on methods of how to get there from here. We may not agree on the general tone of the debate. But, I hope we can agree that illegal immigration needs to be dealt with effectively AND that the only people willing to do so are CONSERVATIVES. Liberals offer absolutely NO logical solutions to the problem. In fact, their quite content to sit back and let us argue amongst ourselves, hoping to extract some political gain from it.

With that in mind, let's tone down the "Bush is a liar," diatribe on one side and the "anti-Mexican," rhetoric on the other and get this job done - together.

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