Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Today's News Before You Read it in USA Today

And the winner is... Taylor Hicks, the boisterous, premature gray-haired Southern has won the "Idol" crown. Something tells me the babe who came in second, Katharine McPhee, will sell more records. To be perfectly honest with you though, I don't really give a damn.

Speaker Hastert "in the mix" of congressional bribe scandal. ABCNews reported this story even though the feds say he's not on the radar. You just gotta love ABCNews.

Bipartisan congressional anger over FBI search of Jefferson office. Look, you stupid elites. Congressman William Jefferson, Democrat - Louisiana, is a crook. He's already been caught on tape taking a bribe and the feds had a warrant to search his office. So, GET OVER YOURSELVES! There's no "separation of powers" violation here. Besides, you guys are not above the law.

That is all.

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