Friday, June 09, 2006

Mor(e)0n Ann Coulter

As I've said previously, Ann Coulter is a great writer who sells a lot of books. Her newest book Godless:The Church of Liberalism is sure to do quite well. She has a quick wit and a sharp tongue. But she is totally unserious when it comes to politics. And her recent comments about certain 9/11 widows proves it.

This time I think her propensity for biting humor has gone too far. By suggesting that the Jersey Girls" were "enjoying their husbands deaths" or to say that we don't know if "their husbands weren't about to divorce these harpies? Now that their shelf life is dwindling, they'd better hurry up and appear in Playboy..." These kinds of attacks completely cheapen her central argument: that a few of the 9/11 widows have parlayed their grief into celebrity for the sole purpose of attacking the Bush Administration.

That's a valid argument worth debate. But to turn this into a personal attack towards these women enjoying their husbands' deaths is just sick. Even IF it's true of one or more of the Jersey Girls, it's still sick to say.

For one thing, it's not provable. Instead, it's hateful rhetoric and it tarnishes other valid points Coulter may have. For another, it's (as we used to say in the old neighborhood) LOW. It's just plain low.

Grief does strange things to people. Some people deal with losing a loved one with a great deal of strength and dignity as many of the seldom-heard-from-by-the-MSM 9/11 families (Debra Burlingame comes to mind) have. Others, like Cindy Sheehan and Kristin Brightweiser lash out and look for a central figure to blame. It's okay to be critical of these people but, please keep the blows above the waist.

Coulter has appeared on Hannity and Colmes saying she's willing to debate the Jersey Girls but they have declined. She continues to stick by her vulgar statements as do some talking-head conservatives. Ann, and anyone who defends these statements, is WRONG.

Now, the cynical side of me thinks Ann is doing this for increased media attention to sell more books. Challenging the Jersey Girls to a debate on her statements leads me to that point. If that's not the case, she should decline her debate offer and say she went a little overboard in her statements.

But, as I fear, it is a publicity stunt, then that, too, is just LOW. It would make Miss Coulter an even bigger media whore than she claims the Jersey girls to be.

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