Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Republican Stupidity - Part 1

As I mentioned yesterday, I used to be a Democrat and a proud one at that. Nevermind the fact that I was often wrong on my views, I was still proud. Heck, I even voted for Clinton TWICE. Yeah, I know but if it helps, I feel really bad about it now. Anyway, as a Democrat, I was a huge supporter of President Clinton. Well, I never gave any money to Democrats or worked in any Dem campaigns but I did drive 2 hours to see Clinton speak in Phoenix once. So, I guess that made me more of a fan than a supporter.

Nonetheless, when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, I started to reevaluate my belief system. All the news media wanted to talk about in 1998 was oral sex with an intern (thank God my children were only 4 and 2 years old at the time). But, what I was focused on was that the President of the United States lied. I mean, out and out lied right to our faces! I started thinking, "If he'll outright lie about something stupid like this, what else has he lied about?" Not only that, he broke the law: willfully obstructed justice, lied to a federal court, and tried to cover up evidence.

That's when I realized all the Dems, who were still supporting Clinton, were lying. Even though they knew what he did, they went out and lied for him some more. At that point I realized I couldn't be a part of this group anymore. I did some research on the Republican party and realized it was where I should've been all along. I became an early supporter of Gov. George W. Bush for President in 1999 and I never looked back.

Now, after all the success Republicans have had over the years, the recent immigration debate has reminded me of the ONE thing I both liked and disliked about the Dems: DEMOCRATS STICK TOGETHER. This is especially true when their president is under attack. They may not agree with or like what their president has done, but they don't turn tail and start beating him up because of it. They don't start calling him a traitor or saying that he should be impeached. They don't, purposefully, give their enemies ammunition to defeat him.

This appears not to be a trait Republicans carry. Even when their president is no where near as flawed or corrupt. If some Republicans don't "get their way," all of a sudden their president is "clueless" a "traitor" or is committing "an impeachable offense." And because of this disagreement with the president and certain members of the party, the Scorched Earth faction believes we should show our disapproval by not voting in the upcoming election.

That trait is something I've always disliked about Republicans. Besides being just plain silly this is a short-sighted, suicidal view of politics.

More on why the Scorched Earth view doesn't work and what does tomorrow.

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