Thursday, June 08, 2006

Republican Stupidity - Part 3

The most annoying thing Republicans do is exercise their near uncontrollable urge to eat their own publicly. I mean, what's the point of calling President Bush "El Presidente Arbusto" or saying he should be "impeached" because of his view on illegal immigration? We already know the drive-by media template is to find any crack in the Republican coalition and use it as a weapon against the Bush Administration. Why give them ammunition to fire at your own?

This isn't a trait you see in Liberal Democrats. Bill Clinton was, arguably, a scumbag. But, no matter what he did: break the law, sexually harass women, sell nuclear technology to China, sellout the unions, or even lose Democrat control of Congress, they stuck by him. There was usually a desire by the left to put the most positive spin on almost everything he did. That's because the left knows they have enemies and, before George W. Bush, were unwilling to give them any extra ammunition against "their guy."

Perhaps Republicans should learn to exercise a little bit of this trait. I'm not saying blindly follow and defend a member of the party even if that person is corrupt. But, is it really necessary to publicly eviscerate them? Is it productive to say you won't vote Republican this year and encourage others to do the same? No it isn't.

Contrary to SER (scorched-Earth Republicans) belief, the President is NOT the enemy and neither is the Republican-led Senate. On the immigration issue they're both profoundly wrong. But on taxes, social issues, judges, and the GWOT they're with us far more than they aren't. Does anyone really believe a Senate and House controlled by Democrats would be better for the country over the next two years?

For those of you who "want to send a message," do it in the primary rather than the general election. You have a much better chance of getting the kind of candidate you want to represent you. And if the candidate you support loses in the primary but places well, you'll be sure you've gotten your representative's attention. Hey, that's why they call it representative government right?

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