Friday, June 30, 2006

"...Truth, justice and all that stuff."

As the Drudge Report says on its front page, "EVEN 'SUPERMAN' IS NOT AMERICAN ANYMORE? It's a shame Hollywood liberals can't even leave their politics out of the ONE superheroic icon that everyone knows.

According to the article, Superman no longer stands for "truth, justice and the American way" but, as Daily Planet Editor Perry White says in the movie, "truth, justice and all that stuff."
Here's what one of the script writers, Dan Harris had to say about that:
"The world has changed. The world is a different place," Pennsylvania native Harris says. "The truth is he's an alien. He was sent from another planet. He has landed on the planet Earth, and he is here for everybody. He's an international superhero."

Sad, but, I could care less what Harris thinks. I still plan to see the movie. Not because I want to support Hollywood leftists, but because I'm a fan of the Superman story.

So, if you miss the Superman/Clark Kent/Lois Lane triangle and you enjoy fantastic special effects, go see the film. Sometimes we just have to ignore the lefties.

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