Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hurray for Italy!!

Alright! Italy has beaten France to win the 2006 World Cup!
Rome erupted in a damburst of joy, firecrackers, flags and tearful embraces as Italians celebrated their country's World Cup triumph after a nail-biting penalty shoot-out against France.
In scenes echoed up and down the country, delirious supporters flocked into Piazza Venezia in the centre of the Italian capital to vent their delight and relief, scenes echoed in piazzas across Italy from Milan in the north to Messina in Sicily.

One can conclude only one thing after watching the World Cup: the people who play this sport are very talented, gifted athletes. This is true in spite of Zinedine Zidane, France's team captain, losing his temper and being sent off the field for a vicious head-butt on Italy's Marco Materrazi.

Though I think it's a great sport, I'm not a huge soccer fan. I'm just happy that France got it's butt kicked.

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