Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Israeli Struggle

Hang Right Politics has a collection of great articles about the recent violence in the Middle East. Here's just a sample of a few:

Genocidal Intent There is a lot of talk about this war that has the world so incredibly divided. The Lexus and the Olive Tree. McWorld vs. Jihad. Christianity vs. Islam. New World and Old World. West vs. East. And the list goes on…

Israel National News on Israel’s condition for a ceasefire This article from Israel National News leaves me wondering if these people are taking a realistic view of what can be accomplished here. Can Israel eradicate Hezbullah? And is there a ‘quiet agreement’ that Hezbullah is off the reservation? And Syria - what did they say?
Syria’s threat seems a bit like the “I hate yo Moma” variety. What do they mean...

A Clarifying Crisis If Hamas united the Palestinians who were previously on the verge of civil war, looks like it may have united Americans as well...

For more brilliant analysis, visit HRP and enjoy.

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